July 15, 2018
Chocolate protein cheesecake

Chocolate Protein Cheesecake: Low-Carb, Low-Fat & High-Protein Cheesecake Recipe

Discover a quick and simple recipe for the chocolate protein cheesecake that tastes just like regular cheesecake but has a few times less calories and practically […]
July 8, 2018
protein cheesecake, low fat cheesecake

Protein Cheesecake Recipe (Low Fat, Low Carb, High-Protein). Ideal For PSMF.

This is the protein cheesecake recipe you’ve been looking for. The low-fat, low-carb and high-protein cheesecake that is very easy to prepare and tastes just like […]
July 7, 2018

PSMF Diet Plan: My Detailed PSMF Diet Meal Plan For 3 Months

My own (and very detailed) PSMF diet meal plan with three meals a day (and conditional snacks) for about 1000 kcal (20 g of carbs, 20 […]
July 1, 2018
PSMF, PSMF diet, protein sparing modified fast

Protein Sparing Modified Fast. PSMF Diet Becomes My New 90-Day Challenge

A few words about the PSMF diet and why I decided to switch to it for the next 90 days (13 weeks).  If you’ve been following […]
June 21, 2018
Keto chicken salad

Keto Chicken Salad Recipe (With Pecans, Leafy Greens, Mayo & More)

Something special for all the keto, vegetable and chicken fans: keto chicken salad.  Even though chicken is a lean type of meat (which isn’t the most […]
June 19, 2018
Keto chicken liver

Keto Liver Recipe (With Fried Apple & Onion) | Traditional Polish Recipe

Only four-ingredient keto chicken liver recipe that will let you discover a completely new taste of organ meats. The recipe straight from Poland.  Meat (especially fatty […]
June 18, 2018
Keto tuna salad

Keto Tuna Salad (With Eggs, Mayo & Leafy Greens)

Discover my latest recipe for the perfect keto tuna salad with all the ingredients to make it a perfect and well-balanced keto meal.  Fish, especially fatty […]
June 17, 2018
Keto iced coffee

Keto Iced Coffee (Iced Bulletproof Coffee) For Hot Summer Days

An extremely simple and quick recipe for keto iced coffee (iced bulletproof coffee) for all the coffee fans. Summer’s (almost) here and so is the keto iced […]
June 16, 2018
Keto spinach salad

Keto Spinach Salad (With Bacon, Olives, Nuts & MCT Oil)

A very simple, delicious and highly nutritious keto spinach salad that you can have within minutes.  Spinach is one of those leafy greens (and veggies in […]
June 12, 2018
Keto cucumber salad

Keto Cucumber Salad Recipe (Full Of Cucumbers & Healthy Fats)

A quick recipe for one of the simplest and tastiest fully keto-compliant salads with different types of cucumber and a lot of healthy fat. Ideal to […]
June 9, 2018
Intermittent fasting drinks

Intermittent Fasting Drinks (The Ultimate Guide With Extra Tips)

Check out the ultimate list of intermittent fasting drinks (both allowed and forbidden ones plus a bonus list of conditionally-allowed liquids).  Even though eating rules for […]
June 7, 2018
Calories on keto

Do Calories Matter On A Keto Diet? Do You Count Calories On Keto? The Ugly Truth, Tips & More

Do calories matter on a keto diet? This guide will tell you all the truth about calories on a keto diet and whether you should even […]
June 5, 2018
Intermittent fasting tips

20 Intermittent Fasting Tips And Tricks You Need To Know Now

TOP 20 intermittent fasting tips that will let you do intermittent fasting the right and correct way. Are you new to intermittent fasting? Are you ready […]
June 2, 2018

Keto On Vacation: Hello After A Break And My Keto-Unfriendly Trip To Seychelles

Can you do keto on vacation? Absolutely! Do you want to do it? Not necessarily. Here’s my take on staying keto on vacation and how it […]
May 16, 2018
How to wash vegetables to remove pesticides, how to properly wash vegetables

How To Wash Vegetables To Remove Pesticides

A super quick guide to show you how to wash vegetables to remove as many pesticides from them as possible. There are a few different versions […]
May 13, 2018
Keto cheesecake

Keto Cheesecake | Guide To Baking The Perfect Keto Cheesecake

The ultimate guide to baking the perfect keto cheesecake and the review of all the most popular keto cheesecake types and ingredients.  Are you a fan […]