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Keto Diet Recipes (You Are Going To Love)

Welcome to the ABC Keto growing repository of ketogenic diet recipes to make your keto journey both delicious and effortless.

Below you will find the index of different categories of ketogenic recipes. Just click on the recipe type you are interested in to browse recipes from this category and learn more about it (and get extra cooking tips).

A Word About Keto Diet Recipes (For New Visitors)

If you are following a keto diet and want all your meals to be keto-friendly, this is the best place to start. ABC Keto is all about making a ketogenic diet simple and delicious so that you can easily achieve all your health and weight loss goals.

Each keto recipe category gives you basic information about the meal type it relates to and displays the two latest recipes from it. Each specific recipe includes all the necessary steps, directions, photos, nutritional facts and, of course, carb and caloric quantity of the meal. On the recipe thumbnail you can see the photo of the ready meal. That’s all you need to get started.

Bon appétit!

New (And HOT) Keto Recipes

Want to discover some new and fresh ideas for keto recipes? Great! Take a look at the latest keto recipes on ABC Keto. I add a few new keto recipes every week, so make sure to come back often to check what’s new.

Check all the latest recipes on ABC Keto.

Here you will find the most popular recipes on ABC Keto, as chosen by visitors. Make sure to comment on the recipe you especially like so that it finds its way to this category and other visitors can learn about it.

Want more popular favorites? Browse all the recipes from this category.

Easy Keto Recipes (Everyone Can Do)

Preparing delicious keto meals doesn’t have to take a lot of your precious time. If you are a minimalist who likes simple and quick solutions, this is the category of recipes for you.

Here you will find only very easy (with few ingredients) and quick recipes you can prepare usually without minutes.

Do you want to discover even more quick and easy keto recipes? View the full category with easy keto recipes.


Who said you can only eat eggs with bacon for breakfast on a ketogenic diet? Nobody! There are really tons of other delicious keto breakfast options.

You can have cookies, pancakes or chocolate coffee. Whichever breakfast option you choose, you will not eat more than a few carbs. And if you do intermittent fasting, you might want to skip breakfast entirely.

 Want more ideas for keto breakfasts? Browse all the keto breakfast recipes or view the ketogenic breakfast guide (and master the art of a keto breakfast).


You can forget about unhealthy fast foods on this diet. Instead you can have one of much more tasty and healthy keto lunch options.

Do you want your lunch with or without meat? Are you in a mood for something dessert-like for lunch? No problem. Choose the option you like the most.

Want to discover more lunch recipes? Browse all the keto lunch recipes or view the keto lunch guide (and learn how to prepare the perfect keto lunch).


You will never want to eat “traditional dinner” once you taste one of the below keto dinner options. Not only are they delicious and highly nutritious, but they are also very easy to prepare.

These keto meals have only a few grams of carbs per serving and will keep you satisfied for hours. Just take a look at a few possible options.

Hungry for more such recipes? Browse all the recipes from the keto dinner category or view the ultimate guide to keto dinner.


Do you feel like grabbing a chocolate bar? How about eating baked kale chips? Or simply drinking cinnamon-flavoured keto coffee? These are just a few keto snacks you can have on this diet. Not only are they very low in carbs, but they will also suppress your appetite for hours.

 Discover more keto snacks recipes or take a look at the gourmet guide to snacks on a ketogenic diet.


On a ketogenic diet you can drink the most delicious types of coffee in the world. You will never want to drink sugary and carb-rich Caffè latte or latte macchiato once you drink your first keto coffee.

Some of the ingredients you can add to your keto coffee include butter, cocoa powder, coconut oil, or cinnamon. If you want it sweet, you can add natural sweeteners like Stevia. Check out many yummy options.

 If you love coffee, make sure to read the keto coffee guide for coffee addicts or browse all the keto coffee recipes.


You can prepare equally tasty (or even tastier) desserts on a keto diet and eat them freely without worrying about carbs and weight gain. Want chocolate pudding, cheesecake or brownies? How about hot chocolate or ice-cream? You can have all of them and more.

 In a mood for a dessert? Browse all the recipes for keto desserts or take a look at the guide on preparing the most delicious keto dessert.


There are so many different types and variations of keto cheesecakes that I had to create a separate recipe category for cheesecakes. You can bake your keto cheesecake or use one of no-bake recipes. Want it to be zero carb or with a small amount of raspberries? You choose.

 Browse all the keto cheesecake recipes or take a look at the keto cheesecake preparation guide with extra tips and information.


Keto smoothies are not only incredibly tasty but they are also real vitamin bombs. They are ideal before or after an intensive workout or to start your day. You can prepare a highly nutritious keto smoothie in a few minutes.

 Take a look at other recipes for keto smoothies or learn the science of keto smoothie preparation.

Fat Bombs

Do you have problems eating enough fat on a keto diet? Do you want to discover simple and highly satiating snacks? Welcome to the world of keto fat bombs.

 Browse all the keto fat bombs or discover the guide to making the best keto fat bombs in the world.

Ice Cream

Keto brownies, just like keto pancakes, come in tons of different variations. Some of the most popular ones on ABC Keto include avocado brownies or chocolate brownies.

They look and taste like regular brownies except that they have no sugar or carbs. How cool is that?

Keto ice cream

You will find keto ice cream ideas here soon.

 Ice-cream recipes and guides are coming soon!


Traditional bread is not only full of carbs but very often also full of sugar. This is a very unhealthy combination. Keto bread is fortunately much tastier than regular bread and has almost no carbs.

There are really hundreds of ways you can prepare your keto bread. In this category you can discover the most popular keto bread recipes.

 Want more bread recipes? Browse all the keto bread recipes or read the detailed guide on baking keto bread.


Any fans of pizza here? I have great news for you. You can have a no-carb pizza on a keto diet and eat as much of it as you feel like eating. Take a look at the most popular keto pizza recipes.

Keto pizza

You will find keto pizza inspirations here soon. Be patient!

Awesome pizza recipes are coming soon! 


You probably know that you need eat really a lot of vegetables on a ketogenic diet to stay healthy. You should consume even as much as 6-7 cups of vegetables every day.

If you somehow feel bored with eating vegetables, you might want to take a look at delicious keto salad recipes.

  View the full category with keto salads


I have noticed that chicken is usually a favorite type of meat for athletes who want to eat a lot of lean protein. You know that lean meat isn’t the best choice for a keto diet unless you add some good fat to it. In this category you will find special recipes for keto-friendly meals with chicken.

Browse all the keto chicken recipes


I have noticed that fish is also one of the favorite sources of both good fat and protein for athletes. There are really thousands ways you can eat fish and in this category I will share with you my favorites keto recipes for meals with fish.

Browse all the keto fish recipes


Dairy isn’t especially recommended on a keto diet because it’s very often highly processed and has a lot of carbs. In this category you will find different dairy free keto recipes.

Check all the dairy free keto recipes


Who said that vegetarians cannot do a keto diet? No one. Not only can vegetarians do a keto diet but they can also reap all of its health benefits.

In this category you will find vegetarian keto meal ideas together with detailed instructions and nutritional value.

  Browse all the keto vegetarian recipes


Vegans can also do a keto diet as long as they find good substitutes for animal products. This may be a bit more difficult than in the case of vegetarians but it’s not impossible.

In this category you will find a couple of vegan keto recipes.

Browse all the keto vegan recipes

With Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is one of the most popular and favorite foods on a keto diet. That’s why all the recipes which have peanut butter as its main or one the main ingredients need to have a separate category.

In this category you will find keto meal ideas (usually desserts) which contain peanut butter.

Browse all the peanut butter keto recipes on this website. 

With Avocado 

Avocados together with eggs are the hallmark of a keto diet, so they deserve to have two separate categories with recipes in which they are the main ingredient.

In this category you will find ideas for different keto meals with avocado.

  Browse all the keto recipes with avocado

With Eggs

In this category you will find ideas for meals with eggs. Thought than scrambled eggs are everything you can have for a keto breakfast. Think again.

  Browse the full category and discover more keto egg recipes

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